Body length: 57-73 mm. Flight period in Hong Kong: April to August Family Cordulegastridae (Spiketails) Other Common Names . 9 spp. C. bidentata breeds in mountain springs, and the larvae are benthic, living in the lowest reaches of the water. Explanation of Names . Goldenrings . Distribution in Hong Kong: Mainly found in north New Territories, e.g. Hok Tau, Wu Kau Tang, Bride’s Pool, Sha Lo Tung, Mui Wo. Below is a checklist of all the European dragonfly and damselfly species, with their English common names. Contact us to report errors. Search scientific name: Advance search. Larval development takes between three and five years, and can be slowed if cold weather causes the water to freeze. Flickr photos above were identified by the individual photographers but not reviewed by EoPS. Publisher Name Springer, Dordrecht; Print ISBN 978-0-7923-8670-4; Online ISBN 978-0-306-48380-6; eBook Packages Biomedical and Life Sciences Reference Module Biomedical and Life Sciences; Buy this book on publisher's site; Reprints and Permissions As a result of this, larval sites are difficult to locate and study. Numbers . The nymphs are large and elongate with jagged palpal teeth, divergent wing sheaths, numerous long and short setae, and acutely tipped abdomen. Identification . Cordulegastridae is a relatively small family, with two genera and 10 species in North America. Breeding takes place in May–June, with eggs being laid in the upper reaches of the streams. of a single genus in our area . Odonata + Zygoptera + Lestoidea + Synlestidae + Megalestes irma major gyalsey + Lestidae + Indolestes cyaneus gracilis indicus ... + Cordulegastridae + Anotogaster basalis nipalensis Cordulagaster + Neallogaster hermionae + Libelluloidea + Corduliidae + Idionychidae + Idionyx corona saffronata ... Cordulegastridae: Cordulegaster: Cordulegaster boltonii (Donovan, 1807) 80 : Cordulegaster trinacriae Waterston, 1976 : 81 : Cordulegaster heros Theischinger, 1979 : 82 Common name "spiketail" comes from the females large spike (modified genital plate used as an ovipositor). Scientific name: Philoganga vetusta Habitat: woodland stream. Checklist, scientific names. Abstract.
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